• Location:
  • Mexico
  • Status:
  • Concept 2009
  • Client:
  • Undisclosed
  • Partners:
  • Wenzel+Wenzel


Worldwide tourist destinations have common features. The customer searches for beauty, adventure, and hospitality. 

In order to give a destination a unique character, it is necessary to provide a local identity within the self contained resort. Local art, colours, vegetation and fauna would ideally guide the design of this location.

Current luxury definitions will be shifted in the future from exclusive items towards wellness and longevity of the body and mind, creating a rediscovery of our deep bond with nature. Green will be the new gold. A lifestyle of health and stainability will replace the need for consumption.

Current tourist attractions consume excessive amounts of energy and natural resources. 

The goal here was to develop a sustainable resort, setting new standards for energy efficient tourism. Constructed on zero emission principles characterised by zero carbon and zero waste, the resort simultaneously maintains the highest quality of life and luxury. 

Relying on renewable energy sources, the development promotes social responsibility and the protection of the natural environment.  Implementing intelligent building technologies such as interactive shading devices, natural daylighting and ventilation systems, as well as the use of locally sourced materials, ensures that these targets are met.

Mexico Seaview Copyright and credits to MIR Mexico_A_00_MIR Mexico Aerial desat Copyright and credits to MIR
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope