• Client:
  • Undisclosed
  • Location:
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Status:
  • Concept Design
  • Partners:
  • Shenzhen Design Institute


The self-sustained development design comprises a 5 star luxury hotel, residential, retail, urban village and parklands. It embraces the local terrain of mountains, tropical flora and water systems.

The city of Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Developed in the late 1970s the population is mostly young adults and families.

The completely self-sustained development will consist of a 5 star luxury hotel, residential, high-end fashion retail, urban village and parklands. One shopping mall is dedicated to fashion with a rooftop 'Sunset Bar' and one is general shopping with a top-level cinema that spills out to include a roof top cinema.

The tropical climate of Shenzhen influenced the design. LAVA embraced the local mountainous valleys and natural water systems by integrating an artificial water mass.

Subtropical flora, dense jungle foliage and rice terraces create a lush environment. The existing greenery on site is recycled and integrated into the building design. Full hanging foliages flow from the exterior of the buildings, integrating nature and the built environment.

Sustainable features include water collection that feeds the gardens and solar reactive louvres that respond to the suns direction and keep the building interior cool.

Integrated transport systems including cable cars connect each of the buildings, making the site car-free. At ground level connectivity is facilitated through timber footbridges and paddleboats on the lake.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope