• Client:
  • Moritz Gruppe
  • Location:
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Status:
  • Under Construction
  • Size:
  • 1.050 sqm


LAVA is creating the new interior spaces for an old cabaret theatre dating from the 1920s. The abandoned cabaret theatre was recently uncovered in the heart of Berlin. 

Built in 1905, the three level musical hall and restaurant has been buried in 30 tons of rubble since 1934 when it closed.

Dirk Moritz [Moritz Gruppe] stumbled upon the abandoned three-storey building located behind a courtyard in the former communist east of the city. It had a grand ballroom, a 300 square metre theatre, wall paintings and metres-high stuccoed ceilings and was designed by famous Berliner businessman/architect Oscar Garbe.

The SECRET GARDEN will comprise spaces for small-scale performances and exhibitions, studios, meetings and conferences, luxury apartments for short term and executive rental and a new penthouse on top of the building.

Historic preservation, fire protection and modern comfort levels are considerations. State-of-the-art technology will create a very special user experience combining a feeling for the original use with modern day Berlin.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope