• Location:
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Status :
  • Design 2007 Built 2015
  • Architect:
  • Chris Bosse @ PTW Architects
  • Size :
  • 127,500 sqm


Chris Bosse was design architect on this project whilst he worked at PTW. 

The residential development comprises six towers of varying heights.  Stage one, with three towers, is completed. The complex comprises 927 luxurious one, two and three bedroom apartments set in a lush resort-style 17,500m2 landscape close to the CBD. 

The curvilinear facade of the ‘wave’ towers translates a natural feature into a contemporary built form creating a striking visual identity. Using nature’s structural systems achieves good passive solar orientation, maximising views, sun shading and integration of landscaping. Rendered masonry facades are accentuated by vertically and horizontally undulating façades which provide both privacy and protection against solar radiation. Horizontal bands of glazing offer panoramic views across the city. 

The majority of the site is dedicated to landscaping and recreational facilities, including shopping facilities, kindergarten and clinic. Parking spaces are located beneath the undulating parkland to maximise the available outdoor space. 

The towers are considered state of the art design and construction in Vietnam. They are popular because of their international quality, aesthetics and amenities, and respect for Vietnamese culture.


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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope