• Client:
  • SEDUS Stoll AG
  • Location:
  • Dogern, Germany
  • Partners:
  • Teuffel Engineering; Transsolar KlimaEngineering; Our Urban Nature
  • Status:
  • Study, 2009
  • Size:
  • 5600m2 GFA


The design for the extension of SedusAG in Dogern, Germany is more than just another office development.

The radical permeation of inside and outside, and the resulting integration of natural phenomena renders the experience more visual, acoustic and tactile. The building is characterised by a landscape-like quality of continuity, simultaneously offering a heterogeneous and locally diversified space; an enhancement of the floating, homogeneous spatiality of the Modernists. Nature is integrated in the building concept. A hybridisation of different structures generates natural spaces as identity supporting elements in the daily work environment.

The floor plans are developed according to research conducted at the Fraunhofer Institute’s Office 21 project. The development of a “Place 2.5” concept is crucial in the overall design. Where “Place 2” is about normal office space characterised by a regular, Cartesian grid, then ”Place 3” is all about recreational, off-time functions.

This organisational concept is translated in a regular grid structure with five green courtyards acting as mini green houses. Each courtyard has its own identity in colour and vegetation, letting multiple views and visual connections emerge throughout the building. These courtyards are built on a natural tessellation; a ‘voronoi’ pattern, which offers an optical counterpart to the rationally structured office space.

The design exemplifies the embodied values and beliefs of Sedus as an open, socially engaged, and responsible company.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope