• Client:
  • City of Heidelberg
  • Location:
  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Partner:
  • Wenzel + Wenzel; Teuffel Engineering; Bobran Engineers; Laux Kaiser + Partnerschaft
  • Status:
  • Competition - Honourable Mention 2009
  • Size:
  • 6,400 m2


Multifunctionality is a bit like a folding bike: it is certainly practical, maybe suitable for many circumstances, but there is some loss of comfort and performance.

LAVA's solution for this project was not multifunctionality but something different. The contemporary demands of a new Concert Hall building weren't compromised, whilst the heritage of the City Hall remained without major changes to it’s historic features.

An ensemble of two distinct buildings – old and new - not only created a space inbetween, but also a place for the public directly at the river. A place to enjoy life, culture and community.

Both the heritage City Hall and the new Concert Hall are accessed from the same plaza. The foyer of the Concert Hall - carved out of the compact volume - opens towards the river and large glazed openings reveal a breathtaking view to the slopes on the other side of the Neckar.

993174viewNecka 091126Nachtbild 993174viewVorplatz
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope