• Client:
  • The Look Company, Qatar Tennis Federation
  • Location:
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Partners:
  • Konform AG, büro für leichtbau, Designsport
  • Status:
  • Completed
  • Size:
  • Length 11.5 m, width 7.8m and height 3m


The Doha Tennis lounge was a contemporary relaxing environment for players and VIPs at the annual International Tennis tournament in Doha. It was made from a lightweight tensile membrane and fabricated using the latest in digital design and construction technology. Designed entirely in a virtual environment the pavilion could be rapidly installed and relocated in the shortest of time frames.

Büro für leichtbau generated a form-finding to the design of LAVA.  By using special membrane software the cutting pattern was generated from the form-finding model. It generated the border geometry of the support structure. For transportation reasons the support structures were divided in smaller elements.

Based on the workshop drawings the structures were manufactured and fabricated at Konform and were transported by aircraft from Switzerland to Doha and installed on site.


doha-tennis doha-tennis 2 09 10 11 12 091109 doha tennis structure pod003
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope